Uniting America to Fight This Virus

I received an email from the Deputy Associate Director out of the White House, Belsis F. Romero, inviting me to a special conference call Focus on the COVID-19 Virus, with Vice President Pence.  I sent my RSVP for the meeting, and Mr. Romero replied right away, sending me the call-in number along with my individual ID code to be part of the meeting.  
The call started at 1200hrs on April 2, 2020.  Ms. Jennifer Korn, the Deputy Director and Special Assistant to the President hosted the call, and introduced herself, and then told us that the Vice President was also on the line.  She thanked us all for being on the call especially on such short notice, and again said, thank you.    
  Ms. Korn explained that the Vice President wanted to utilize us as part of a strategic plan to do all we can as a nation to combat the Coronavirus Crisis. The conference call included a little over 500+ of some of the top on-the-ground conservative leaders in the country to help communicate and coordinate actions to at least slowdown, and help stop, the spread of this virus. It was at this time that she introduced and then turned over the meeting to the Vice President of the United States,

 Mike Pence. He thanked us all for our work over the last decade and showed us respect for the progress which the conservative movement has made in the recent past. He was very specific that they were not making this call, or simply providing the information as a press release, or that the White House was seeking recognition for its COVID-19 response. However, they felt it was necessary to not only use all resources available to the nation but to reach out to grassroots leaders, so they can, in turn, communicate with their network of conservative leaders to be yet another avenue in getting vital information out to all citizens, because of what the media does by not airing the President’s press conferences, as well as the fact that not everyone watches the news. He asked us to encourage our networks and other citizens, and relay the message of what We The People can do to help fight this virus as a united nation.

  He talked about starting this month of April as a 30-day focus, if you will, on taking the necessary actions to help everyone with maintaining better health and easing the public’s worries over the virus, doing the things that will gain confidence in the American people, which will aid in calming panic situations. Things like doing everything that we can to maintain social distance, as to not put others in danger of contamination. Do not go anywhere unless you must go to work, the grocery store, or a medical facility, always staying calm for the next 30 days of focus. Vice President Pence stated that the President has sat down with major grocery distributors and got a commitment not to close down as long as we can keep transportation steadily bringing needed supplies. They are working with the trucking industries to deliver to the biggest cities first, where the virus is the strongest and then also continue everywhere else. To do other things, such as going to the supermarket every few days to get 10 items or less each time to make sure stocks are not depleted prior to truckers bringing in future supplies. This will help to prolong any running out of supplies issues for your local communities. Vice President Pence was strongly focused on reminding us to adhere to these suggestions and requests as they will help tremendously in combating this virus.
We keep hearing how important it is to wash our hands, use disinfectant wipes, don’t touch your face, etc., but what is not talked about enough is washing hands for at least 20 seconds. Use soap and scrub well during that timeline of 20 full seconds.

  We need to write to our governors and make sure they are doing all they can to unite with the federal government and the American people in eliminating this virus.  To drop any and all political differences, as there will always be time for that. Vice President Pence said that the federal government will do all they can, and currently are, but the governors also need to work with all citizens and the federal government to eliminate this virus.  
  It truly is a shame that the media are so biased that some are not even showing President Trump’s daily press conferences, especially during his opening statements. The American people need to hear what is being done, and the positives to be reported to also calm any tensions that will lead to panic and worse. The Vice President shared about the “air bridges” that have been formed to help the airlines a little while making a priority flight bridge to some of the most critical cities in need of supplies.  
  Vice President Pence encouraged us to ask all peoples in the country to spread the good news when they find some. Things that show what America is made of, those that are great examples of the American Spirit. For example, when churches volunteer to step up to the plate and service their communities with many great ideas, or the individual who decided to make good home-cooked meals for truckers as they pass through their communities. Actions that will inspire others to do the same, all of which aids in defeating this virus as a united people.
  Vice President Pence thanked God, and rightly so, that we are a free-market enterprise because the federal government is releasing and/or ignoring some regulations to keep everything moving. Big companies and corporations have stopped making their products and switched to making masks as well as other medical necessities along with respirators and other greatly needed items.

  There is a community in Iowa where a very rich man decided to give a gift card to every member of his community to assist them in these hard times of layoffs and mandatory shutdowns. So many examples of good news happening that the media should be reporting on, instead of using their political biases to stoke panic and hate.
  He said to make sure we remind the people to thank the medical professionals- bottom to top. They are not home, they are in the hospitals, staying in order to not risk infecting their families and others. Say a prayer for the nurses, who deal with the worst of it.
Also, reach out to organizations helping the communities, such as all religious groups and churches. The President has been in touch with the religious communities throughout the U.S. as well.
  With all of these in mind, we also must consider thanking all those in the service industry, delivering take out, and working all odd hours. Thank all police officers/law enforcement; remember they are in the front lines all the time, and now they need medical donations as well, due to a lot of them have donated their stuff to the hospitals at the beginning, or just simply running out because they are on the streets of our nation 24/7.

  So, I ask each of you reading this article, to use your networks to connect with people and push these issues. By doing this, we all are multiplying the amount of Positive American University to combat this virus as One Nation, One People, E Pluribus Unum (from the many one). Call your elected officials at every level and demand they stop creating obstacles for the administration. The President is fighting for all the people of this nation. Calling those leaders at the grassroots level and understanding that they are a unified, yet strategic part of being a united nation of We The People shows just that, we are The United States of America. I am so proud of our Vice President and his task force for taking the initiative to do this.    
  Vice President Pence finished the meeting by thanking the people on the call for their key roles. He reminded us to not leave any stone unturned when communicating these ideas and spreading the good in America.  If you want to see more, please go to https://bit.ly/2wbaFSA

Gregg C. Cummings
“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)